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400,000+ patients

Our platform has patients searching in hundreds of conditions, from diabetes to depression to leukemia.

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Hundreds of trials are a step closer to finding tomorrow's treatments.

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Pre-screened, motivated patients

We know how hard finding eligible patients can be. Our platform compares patient profiles to your trial criteria - so every application you get has expressed interest and been pre-screened for you.

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Move from recruitment to placement in record time

We've helped some trials recruit hundreds of participants in less than 3 months - exceeding their target sample size and shortening their recruitment timelines significantly.

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Manage your patient workflow

With our platform, you can review medical data for eligible patients, send them automatic notifications to explain the next steps, and bulk accept and reject. You can even export contact details to use with your existing systems, provided they consent.

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We've worked with leading companies and researchers from leading institutions, such as:

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